Delightful Diary of a Demonically Divine Diva

or, Thoughts of an Aging Queen

Yep, that's me!
You Are Lightning

Beautiful yet dangerous
People will stop and watch you when you appear
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My Window
Okay, gang, do this aging queen a on the link below and tell me what you think.

I'll check it again in a week to see what everyone thinks.

General Update-ness
Well, time for me to post again.

First off, in my usual trend of honesty, I must confess...I fell off the wagon for 1 day about a month ago. I proceeded to have a paranoid delusional psychotic episode, which included visual, audio, and tactile hallucinations. I spent 12 hours thinking my roommates were out to get me, and at 3 AM, walked myself to the Shell station, called a cab, waited an hour for it to come get me, got a motel room that I was in for all of 1-2 hours, and walked home. Needless to say, I won't be falling of the wagon again any time soon...I never want to go through something like that again. On a positive note, it prompted Rose to tell Kevin and Adam that they're not allowed to f*** with my head as much.

I didn't get hired full time at Intuit...que cera cera. Oh well, I'll find's a little difficult with no pay right now, but the temp agencies are looking for me, and Faire starts soon, so money will be coming in.

And this aging Queen found out that she still has it...unfortunatly, I am honor-bound to not give details, but I feel good. Life once again has hope for me.

Summary: A little stressed, but otherwise doing pretty hunkey dorey. Peachey keen, even.

Almost forgot
Oh, and I went to the club last Saturday. In my old garb of poet's shirt, vest, etc.
Rose spilled my Midori Sour (of which I had taken ONE sip) all over the table, so of course my jacket is ruined...'cause it's not like she's going to get it dry cleaned for me.
And I almost killed myself doing the Safety Dance conga line...had to go to the bathroom and dry heave afterwards (overheat, exhaustion, etc). But the DJ liked the conga line, and I apparently 'inspired' someone by starting it.

Oh, and apparently, it's Kick Shanaar Around Week. So get your digs, insults, and betrayals in while you have the chance...everyone else is.

Just a kind of general update
Wow, so much and I don't know where to begin...especially as I am at work right now.

1) Bought my own World of Warcraft account (or as we call it at the house, World of Warcrack). Addicted hopelessly. Feel the wrath of my undead mage.
2) Ran into Drago at the club. He looks good. He's getting married and moving to Vegas. Cue black depression.
3) Kevin is being an asshole. This is normal, but it's been focused on me the entire week, and it's getting old. Cue black rage.
4) 12 more days until I hit the 6 month mark. You know what I mean.
5) Haven't heard from John in about 3 months. Cue black depression.
6) I turn [number deleted for security reasons] in 7 days. Cue black depression.
7) It has been stated by someone I trust that 'It's fun to torment you' (tell your husband I said thanks, lunakitten). Cue black depression.
8) Apparently, I am now a pariah...where as once it was a mark of prestige to be with me, it's now the opening of drama that no one wants to deal with. Cue black depression.
9) Men still make promises they have no intention of keeping. Cue black depression.

So, remind me again why I even bothered quiting meth? At least the masturbation was fun.

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New Year's Party
Okay, so our theme for the New Year's Party was Mobster Dinner...a small, formal, sit-down affair. Dress code was formal mobster or moll. With the exception of roommates (noted by *), names were selected at random by each guest, with men also selecting a monniker. The guests were as follows:

Kevin*: Don Pancrazio Gambini
Rose*: Dona (sorry, don't know how to do squiggly) Teresa Gambini (Yep, Mama Teresa)
Chris: Anthony "The Fish" Gambini (aka Tony the Fish)
lunakitten: Belladona Gambini
Shannon: Maria Gambini
Andy: Sonny "Ace Up My Sleeve" Gambini
Steve: Rocco "The Facial Twitch" Gambini (our cousin in Canada that supplies us with rum...mobsters, remember?)
Jenny: Antoinette Gambini (so we have another Toni)
Adam*: Vinnie "I took your sister to the movies and she wouldn't put out so I whacked her" Gambini

And finally, since I couldn't get a moll costume together...

daemnor*: Father Lenny Gambini, the gay priest of the family.

We spoke in very fake Italian accents all night, and I said grace, including the Lord's Prayer. Yes, this pagan minister actually spoke a Catholic Ritual. Go me!

It was a freakin' blast. We spent the night actually discussing things like we were a Mafia family. I had a blast, other than a few hours of usual New Year's depression for me. This is why I don't drink alcohol, people...even half a glass of white wine makes me maudlin.

Go with God, my children...or your penance will include concrete overshoes and a convenient water source. Now, will the congregation kneel and say "Ah, men!"?

With nub to my lokiz_mom...

you suck and that's sad.

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aries (see, this is why I'm still after Drago)

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