Delightful Diary of a Demonically Divine Diva

or, Thoughts of an Aging Queen

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Treatment for potential Raggedy Ann and Andy remake
Constructs in another dimension. Ragedi-Ahn and Ragedi-Ahn'd. (looking for names to be similar; "Ragedi" should be a title referring to purpose)
Purpose: Advisors/companions/aides
Ahn's traits: Ideas, helping, caring/empathy, patience
Ahn'd's traits: Action, dedication, strength, impulse

Crafted to be aides/helpmates for wise/just/benevolent rule. Current regime sees as anarchist/threat to status quo.

Heart of Khan-di: Power source/broadcaster; amplifies Ahn's empathy/healing. Positive nurture force.
Heart of Tru (name needs work): Power source/broadcaster, missing/lost/damaged; amplifies Ahn'd's dedication and strength. Positive protect force.

Ahn is fleeing/escaping militaristic/conservative regime (either unfeeling/bureaucratic or bloodthirsty/violent. Leaning towards first: protocol, conformity, everyone's place determined). Discovers Ahn'd, locked away in "storage" in former monarchy/government building. Discovered; flee through gate/portal to Earth, major metro (LA/NY/Chi).

Tropes: Pursuit, discovering one's self and one's self-power. Heart must recharge before able to return. Single or small group of allies...outside cliques. Variety of goth/geek/whatever subcultures WITHOUT overly-cliched stereotypes, if possible.

Query: Ahn'd's heart - lost on Earth (Khan-di heart shows way) or still in home dimension?
Do we want to do the Lookingglass Wars/Alice thing where the children's stories are based on truth as translated/understood by humans?

Defeat or evasion of searching foes; return to home. Possible allies in storage at home...other constructs that resemble the other dolls/toys in books, with purpose, i.e. French Doll is Mistress of Protocol/Etiquette? Toy Soldier is infantry trainer?
Human allies come with (hmmm...conformist human(s) siding with regime? Not doing a Drago...possibly a Radkin from Dr Who (Sontaran stratagem) with less evil...was helping regime, sucked through portal, discovers regime sucks, learns lesson about uniqueness/blah blah blah/afterschool special. How to do without being frickin CHEESY?!?

Hearts can power device that boosts citizens' caring/joy/determination/positive forces. Standard race-to-grail between sides.

During race/search for allies/etc, people Ahn and Ahn'd come in contact with begin developing/remembering "higher" emotions/joi d'vivre (if I spelled that correctly)/strength of heart/mind/soul.

Balance between uniqueness of individual/societal needs reached. Art, culture, and learning exist once more. Tolerance and understanding FTW, without a Care Bear/GI Joe/afterschool special smack-upside-the-head-with-the-sturgeon-of-morality. Humans return to Earth to help their people not make the mistakes the others' did.

Tolerance - means everybody. The conformist needs to understand rebel, rebel needs to understand conformist, etc. Cross-sc-drama/resolution; Conformist not racist/homophobe/sexist/whatever. Everybody learns so that everyone is human; not "us-vs-them". Mix it up slightly: goth is homophobe, gangbanger is gay, etc...personal issues should NOT match clique stereotypes. Latino emo/goth racist? Redneck jock likes RPGs? Possible internal alliance/conflict based on tolerance specs? Crap, stuck in a Breakfast Club moment.

Extremes not necessarily good; Too much conformity bad, too much rebel bad. Balance!

This work inspired by this photo: source unknown


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