Delightful Diary of a Demonically Divine Diva

or, Thoughts of an Aging Queen

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I went walking along the Eagle River today, and picked a spot along it's bank to sit and contemplate.

The sound of the water, the scent of the water, the touch of it in the air, on my skin, in my lungs. I am Aquarius, air that carries water, and water gives me my purpose, and my self.

I felt at peace, listening to the river's voice...tranquil and serene as I have not been in many years. I felt a piece of me return, unwrapping itself from the depths in which it had hid, cocooned, to reach once more for the outside world.

My restoration is not yet complete; this I can tell. But I will seek out the serenity of living water, and let its voice and caress slowly draw me back out from where I have hidden for so long.

While walking along the path, I spotted some black and purple beads, of the kind children use to create bracelets. Not only was I struck by the contrast of the artificial against the natural, but also by what it represented. Difficult to the forest had swallowed a child, leaving only this scattered remnants of ornamentation behind. But not in a fearful or tragic almost seemed a reminder that we are fleeting, and will always leave this world. Our only hope of eternity is our deeds, the memories and beauty we create, the knowledge we leave behind. I don't really have the words...I was neither angry at the litter, nor concerned for it's owner. It just was...and spoke to me beyond words or specifics, just a feeling of "this is", with the multitude of meanings impressing themselves so deeply that they became truth without detail.

This is. I am. We are. And the wonders of our world are there for those who take the time to listen, and see, and think. And I think I pity anyone who walks this world with eyes and ears and mind closed to the truths and beauties that surround us always. And thank the Harmony that I am not such a one as that, and can be touched by that which lies around us.


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