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While I Work, an Update:
Living in Moreno Valley with my friends Adam and Ashley, both 24. Fairly mature for their age, and the living arrangements are pretty much stress-free. Ashley is young, so she dramas out occasionally, but nowhere near as bad as living with Rose.

Working for Starwood Vacation Ownership still, now at 3 years plus a few months. Still feel pretty lucky to get hired back at the same company I was laid off from 4 months prior. Drive to work isn't as bad now that I've moved to MoVal (you'd be amazed at how much that stretch of the 210 and 10 costs both time and gas-wise), but with my car A/C not being functional, it's a bit of a bitch coming home.

Currently HR Representative for California and Colorado, doing background checks for Arizona, and recruiting/hiring paperwork for Hawaii. Luckily, Hawaii goes away at the end of this month...I'll be training their new rep in a little over a week. She'll be taking full load the 31st...which is good, since I'll be in Colorado to adminster our annual survey, as well as host some meetings/presentations. Work load lately has been extreme, and I've been very tired and worn out.

When not working, I'm playing World of Warcraft (Whisperwind server, Forsaken Mage), StarCraft II, or visiting Pixie Hollow (Sterling Nightstorm, Tinker-Talent, and Garnet Brightchime, Animal-Talent). Hope to go do some cheap fun things (like Castle Park, or Raging Waters) with the kids during this summer, and save up for annual trip with lokiz_mom.

Things I want to do: Go hiking or something. Go to a market night (Redlands or Riverside?) Start writing again. Start dancing again, or join a gym. Work on my PHR certification. Maybe schooling...but not sure whether to go with business stuff or just learn things. (I have discovered the joy of Wikipedia...yay trivial knowledge!)

Still single, and anticipate staying that way. Not ready to look yet; if it happens, it happens...if not, oh well. I'm more fun to talk to anyways. ;)

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And you know, looking back on my past posts, I'm glad I'm just letting the guy-thing drop. It's easier that way.

Oh, and forgot to include in the update: Medicated now, low-dose antidepressant. Has helped significantly, if I can get over the impression that I'm emotionally numb.

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